Saturday, June 30, 2012



Today is a very special day!The day 29 years ago an angel was born. No hate but only love and peace among everyone on this special day for the best leader of the group we love.  You may not be on top of my bias but you always have a special place in my heart!I admire you for your dedication, care, and hard work not only for the group but for everyone around you!

On this special day all we could give you in return for all the joy you brought is our love and support! You work so hard that if I could just transfer some of my energy to help you get by with all your schedule I would. I could only pray and support you from afar. I wish you all the happiness and blessings today! May you be filled with joy, inspiration, and peace today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARK JUNGSOO!❤ You’re an Ahjussi now! But a very gorgeous and hot Ahjussi! 행운을 빕니다! 사랑해요! ELFs will support you forever and we’ll be waiting for the comeback with excited hearts! No matter how goofy and crazy you dance or act you’re still the best Ahjussi Leader! Haha! ❤ Just like what a dear friend of our blog teens said:
Trend #1004TeukDay #HBDLeeteukFromELFINA #AngelTeukDay and #LeaderTeukDay… or whatever you want. (I’m trending #AhjussiTeuk. LOL) Just as long as it appears on the trending topic! :) Much better if everything that will trend later is about him. lol. :
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