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My name is Pramesti Novica Nuswantari. I was born on November 16, 1997. I live at Puri street V F1/19 ( Puri Asri Perdana ), Banyumanik, Semarang. I study in 21 RSBI JHS Semarang. I'm Kpopers (cube stan) and pump addict\m/ please follow and have fun with my little story. Let's be friends;))))

I didn't want to listen to what you were saying

I thought that I knew all I need to know

I didn't realize that somewhere inside me

I knew you were right but i couldn't say so

I can take care of myself

You taught me well

I learned from you 

That i do not crumble

I learned that strenght is something you choose

All of the reasons to keep on believing

There is no question that's a lesson

I learned from you

We always don't agree on what is the best way

To get to a place that we're going from here

But I can really trust you and give you the distance

To make your decision without any fear

both: I'm grateful for all the times

You opened my eyes

You taught me to stand on my own

And I thank you for that it saved me it made me And now that I'm looking back I can say

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  1. ciyyyyeeee.. photo nya cantik mbaaaak (^_^)b

  2. jangan marah ya praaaammm... aku gak sengaja buka blog mu, dan aku gak tau yang Mr-Mran itu namanya siapa??? siapa orgnya??? yang mana orangnyaaa??? plisssss jangan marah :'(


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